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Off the fence, into the market (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 3, 2004)

Buy-and-hold is a visible strategy, some say (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 20, 2004)

Financial scandals will always be with us (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, September 21, 2003)

'Hot Hands' Investing Profits Require Discipline (Bloomberg, August 18, 2003)

Market optimism vs. executive gloom; Stock analysts are pumped up after 2nd-quarter profit reports; corporate managers beg to differ (Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2003 )

Breaking down bad investors (Wall Street Week, July 18, 2003)

Markets should be going up, unless... (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 21, 2003)

Your money - your own worst enemy (Chicago Tribune, February 11, 2003)

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